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Steel Windows & Doors

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

An elegant steel industrial style pivot door
Steel Pivot Door, Powder Coated Matt Black

Steel windows and doors have been around for centuries, and yet are timeless in slick design and uncompromising strength.

The issue really though is the maintenance and the many costs attached to it. However modern technology allows us to enjoy the narrow sighted lines of the steel & glass with out having to put an annual maintenance budget in place.

Steel windows and doors now days are galvanized or electroplated and then powder coated to give you a beautiful smooth finish. Instead of putty, we use the Nu-glaze PVC beading which is design to look like putty. Glass is secured using structural silicone.

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Unknown member
Feb 04, 2019

Who does'nt just love the classical thin, yet strong clean lines of steel fenestration, thanks Ricardo and team (and all the other stalwarts) for great work and artisanry displayed. Keep the pics coming...☺


Mie-Ling Naidoo
Mie-Ling Naidoo
Jul 16, 2018

Keep it classic...

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